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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making Strides

While it is a booming industry in Atlanta, the entertainment business is one that is hard to break into. One person knows the ins and outs about the business and what there is to overcome some of the hardships.

Lindsey Borders has always had a passion for music and film. She graduated from Reinhardt with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and has been working her way up ever since, trying her hand at many different positions in production from production assistant to art director assistant. She has worked on productions such as One Tree Hill, Big Mama’s House 3 and Madea’s Family Reunion along with interning at the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office. She is gaining popularity through her writings on her blog, Talent in Borders, and continues to pursue her passion.

She is also an inspiration to the people who are seeking the same career path, always there ready to give advice and lending a helping hand to those who are unsure. Her biggest piece of advice: “It takes hard work and dedication; you have to have faith and never give up on your dreams.” And Lindsey never has given up, she continues to fight her way to the top, and will one day make it there – victorious.

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