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Monday, January 24, 2011

My first blog! And It's About Movies!

So, this is my first blog.  I think I will use this space as a way to discuss my favorite movies and new movies that I view.  I am not a critic, not even close.  That kind of skill takes practice, and let's face it - I'm still a baby in that world.  I will simply post what I like or did not like about a film, and attempt to write about some of the techniques and skills the directors and cinematographers used. 

I am a 27-year-old student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.  I study Communications with a concentration in Media Studies.  I hope to use my degree to work in the film industry in Atlanta, although doing what I'm not quite sure.  I am currently taking a couple of film classes that lectures on different aspects of film such as process and structure as well as cinema as an art form.  I will also attempt to incorporate some of the things I learn in my blog posts.

I look forward to writing and hope who ever reads will enjoy as well. Thanks!